Testes vocacionais: descubra a profissão perfeita para você
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Testes vocacionais: descubra a profissão perfeita para você

Vocational tests are an important tool for a time that often takes many people’s sleep: deciding which career to follow. These assessments, done by psychologists, do not give exact answers or indicate which university course you should do, but provide information about the personality and skills that are central to that definition.

They are well-suited for all students entering the university, but they can also help graduates who are already in the market looking for possible new paths in their careers. Through self-knowledge, vocational testing indicates which areas are most in tune with you. Want to know more? Then read the tips we have prepared!

Understand Vocational Testingvocacionais

There is a wide range of vocational tests. Many are done online, for free. They may even be useful to begin the decision process, but they are not as complete as the evaluation applied by a psychologist.

And why is this test applied by this type of professional? Because the goal is to analyze your personality and relate it to the existing areas of work. It is more than telling which profession you should follow or where you should work. This type of evaluation is profound and therefore requires the guidance and follow-up of a psychologist.

There is no pattern. It will vary according to the professional’s method. That’s why it’s worth researching the market, talking to psychologists, and people who have already been tested to find out which is best for you. Normally, the test consists of a large questionnaire with questions about your life and your expectations. It can also be combined with other psychological assessment tools, such as informal conversations and interviews.

Just responding to the test is not a good practice seen by experts. This is because follow-up is recommended to bring better results, analyze your personality in detail and provide more conclusive answers, drawing a complete picture about yourself.

Know what the test will help you

Once the assessment is done, you will clearly know which areas are most in tune with your profile. With this information, finding the right profession for you will be an easier and more natural process. Remember that the market is broad and new career options come up every time. Before venturing into one of them, take the test to see if you really identify with the chosen area.

Often, you very much want to pursue a profession, but you do not have the profile you need. On the other hand, you can skip certain areas that do not look attractive, but that have everything to do with you.

Rather than analyzing their skills related to the performance of a particular job, evaluation through a vocational test takes into account their personal fulfillment. Therefore, it offers much more than a professional direction:

Choose when to take the test

For those who are finishing their studies and preparing for the entrance examination, the support of the vocational test is decisive. It is a time of uncertainty: not all students are mature enough to discern what they want for their own professional future.

But it is already possible to detect the main abilities, personality tendencies and ambitions in young people. So, so you do not risk betting on a career that has nothing to do with you, take the vocational test before you mark the option in the college entrance examination.

The test is also indicated for those who are already in the job market, but do not feel more stimulated and want to change company, position or even profession. In these cases, the test works as a sort of professional orientation, pointing out new options that, in the middle of the day-to-day routine,

Know what you should keep in mind before taking the test.

There is no right and wrong, nor is it possible to make a prior preparation. The more spontaneous your answers, the better the outcome. So take the test frankly and honestly. Before doing so, however, it is worth reflecting on issues such as:

  • What do you really enjoy doing?
  • What do you stand out for?
  • What are your main shortcomings?
  • How to solve them?
  • How do you face new challenges?
  • For you, is it better to do group activities or alone?

Do not worry if you do not know all the answers right away. After all, one of the functions of vocational testing is to contribute to your self-knowledge by providing a tool for you to recognize your own characteristics and act accordingly.

Pay attention to what you need to know after the test

For the test to be effective, you need to get out of it with some certainties. For example, if you identify more with the human or exact area, working with people is easier than dealing with machines, if you prefer a hectic or calm life.

It is important data that will lead you to choose the profession in which it will fit best. Although you may not be able to accurately answer which work is right for you, the test may show those with whom you do not identify.

The result of a well-tested test, followed by a good psychologist and your maximum commitment is a successful career, personal installment loans online compatible with what you have the best to offer to a company or even in a business of your own.

Now that you know the benefits that vocational testing can bring to your life, How about looking for qualified professionals to do yours? And if you like this post and are interested in topics such as career, university, market, human resources and everything related to this universe, then subscribe to the newsletter. MRH ! The leading person management company in the Northeast will provide a variety of quality materials that will make a difference in your career!

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